15 Packing List Essentials for Your Next Holiday

Travel Essentials Shopbop The Tia Fox

1. Kate Spade Passport Holder
2. Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Cross Body Bag
3. White + Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap Scarf
4. Rodarte Hoodie
5. Kate Spade Charley Backpack
6. Rebecca Minkoff Cory Pouch
7. Flight 001 To Go Bottles & Jars
8. Iphoria iPhone 6 Case
9. Deux Lux Lexington Weekender Bag
10. Flight 001 Dash Carry On Suitcase
11. PL LUXE Mouse Socks
12. Kate Spade To Wash & To Wear Travel Bag Set
13. Flight 001 Foam Neck Rest
14. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers
15. FRENDS Layla Headphones

Get ready and say goodbye to packing stress and say hello to an essential travel bag, full of things you will actually need.

 1. Passport and Passport holder – you won’t get far without your passport. Always remember to check the expiry date! Many countries will not let you enter if your passport expires within 6 months of your arrival date.

2. Cross Body Bag – Cross body bags are perfect for carrying your essentials from money, cards to ID. It is also more theft proof as you can have the bag in front of your body at all times rather than at the back or on the side.

3. Scarf – A scarf will keep you warm on those chilly nights and it can also double up as a wrap against subzero air conditioning on plane, bus or train journeys.

4. Hoodie – Along with pillows and blankets offered on international flights, sometimes the cabin is cooler than we would like, pop on a hoodie to stay warm and cosy.

5. Backpack – When you are seated in the window or middle seat, it’s often difficult to access your bags in the overhead compartment. Especially where you do not want to keep on disturbing your sleeping neighbour in the aisle. Consider a backpack that can easily fit under the seat in front of you and won’t take up much leg room. It will be easier access anytime for toiletries, any reading material or anything else you would like to use during the flight. You can also use the backpack for day trips when you arrive at your destination to carry water and snacks.

6. Pouch – You can use this pouch for coins or to store those small items that might otherwise get lost in your bag or suitcase, such as locks or spare memory cards.

7. Bottles & Jars – It is always a good idea to have some basic toiletries with you. For international flights, gels and liquids taken onto the flight must be in travel size containers that are 100ml or less. These items must be stored in a clear plastic zip-lock bag.

8. Phone Case – These days our smartphone also doubles up as our camera. To avoid a smashed screen or any damage to your phone, it is essential to protect your phone and why not consider a stylish one at that!

9. Overnight Bag – It is the perfect size for carry on if you only have light weight items you want to bring. It is more compact compared to a suitcase.

10. Carry On Suitcase – For all your essentials, expensive goods or personal items that you want to stay on you. It is as easy as rolling it along which requires little strength. Go for a four wheel model as it’s much easier to roll than two!

11. Socks – Keep your feet warm on the plane with some cosy socks. Of course, they can also double up as bed socks when you arrived at your destination.

12. To Wash & To Wear Bags – This will help to keep your clean clothes clean and keep your dirty clothes together. This will help keep your suit case organised and make everything easier to find.

13. Neck Rest – Most international flights provide thin pillows. Arrive at your destination feeling refreshed by taking your own neck rest that will give that extra head and neck support.

14. Sneakers – Sneakers are the comfiest option when it comes to a lot of walking when sightseeing. Your feet will also love you more for it!

15. Headphones – Let’s be honest, ear phones provided by the airlines are not the most comfortable or the best quality. It’s always best to bring your own ear phones. It can also double up as a noise reducer when you want to take a nap.


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