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Marcs Shirt / Rag & Bone Knit / Burberry Coat / Bettina Liano Jeggings / Celine Bag / Alexis Bittar Ring / Jacquie Aiche Ring / Topshop Heels

This was the snow trip that never happened. A group of us made our journey to Mansfield (two and a half hours from Melbourne) for skiing/snowboarding. However, there was no snow! The trip then turned into a relaxing weekend getaway – Saturday Market, BBQ, tennis and lots of fun and games with friends!

One of the highlights was fishing at the Buxton Trout and Salmon Farm. My last two fishing trips left me with lasting impressions but not of the good sort. My first fishing trip was in Mornington, everything was going well until I dropped my brand new camera into the sea! Second time we were out in open waters where the sea was extremely choppy, I was so sea sick I could barely keep my food down. I had to be taken back to shore. My past experiences made me very skeptical about fishing. Nevertheless my boy managed to convince me to give it another try. This time no boats and no cameras! We ended catching two rainbow trouts! I might have warmed up to the idea of fishing by the end of the day.

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  1. Hi Mel, is that a mini or micro celine bag? I’m 160cm short and my frame is quite petite. I kept tossing between mini and micro and finally bought a mini more because I just can’t find a micro size with a colour I like. I’m afraid the mini might be too big for my frame though 🙁

    • Hi Natasha, the Celine bag I am carrying is a micro. I am of a similar height and frame to you by the sounds of it. I think the mirco suits my overall size better. Although I would have been ok with a mini, but I prefer not to lug a bigger bag than neccessary. When I was in New York this year, there was a lot of micro sized luggage bags available at their boutique! What colour were you looking for? Mel xx

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