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 Emma & Roe Stacker Rings
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Not long ago, I mused about the best ways to layer necklaces, so as a follow-up today I am talking about ring stacking. Wearing more rings than you have fingers is no longer taboo.

Today I play with stacker rings from Emma & Roe and provide you with a guide to creating your own layered masterpiece.

1. Start with your most precious piece
It could be a family heirloom, your engagement ring or your birthstone. A stone that means something special to you deserves prime real estate on your hands. It should be prominent on your middle or ring finger. It is also the perfect base piece to add smaller more delicate pieces around.

2. Incorporate texture
Incorporating texture adds more interest to your stack. In this case I chose three rings of the same thickness, all with it’s own unique texture.

3. Short stacks
Stack smaller rings on top of each other to give them greater impact. This gives your delicate rings more versatility.

4. Keep one finger bare
Stack multiple on one finger but keep one finger bare. This will ensure your hands doesn’t look too cluttered.

5. Your way
There really is no ‘wrong’ way to stack your rings. You’re the designer, it should reflect your personality and style. Just have fun with it!


  1. Hi Melanie! Love your posts 🙂 just wondering, do you wear your rings when washing hands throughout the day? Once I wore stacker costume jewellery rings and washed my hands at the bathroom then afterwards the rings turned black/dull 🙁 – Natasha

    • Hi Natasha,

      I do still wash my hands throughout the day even with stacked rings. Sometimes I wash my hands with them on and sometimes I take them all off so they don’t get wet.
      I think the key is not to get them wet too often. If you have to wash your hands with them on, make sure to wipe them dry after!
      To be honest, it is a bit tedious but the rings maintain a lot better! Unfortunately, no special tricks with this one!

      Mel xx

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