Our Engagement Party

Engagements are such a remarkable time in a couples’ life to reflect on their journey together that brought them to where they are today and to look forward to the nuptials to come. Jon and I have truly enjoyed being engaged for the last 4 months! We are so excited to be planning our future and wedding together.

We recently celebrated our engagement at Honey Bar. It was such a blessing to have our wonderful  family and friends all in one place. These special people have always supported us and help shape us into the people that we have become today. The night was more than we could have ever expected and we are still smiling from it!

A special thank you goes out to our friends at Little Pixel Box (@littlepixelbox on Instagram) who supplied cutting edge party photography to entertain our guests. This newly introduced concept will definitely impress you and your guests. It’s as simple as snapping a photo on your mobile, uploading it to Instagram and your photo prints out on the spot. This definitely beats polaroid photos hands down! It’s great to have these precious moments from the night printed instantly as we barely print out photos these days! We would highly recommend them for use at any party or corporate event function.

Mel Jon Engagement 101 Mel Jon Engagement 102 Mel Jon Engagement 103 Mel Jon Engagement 104 Mel Jon Engagement 105 Mel Jon Engagement 106 Mel Jon Engagement 108 Mel Jon Engagement 109 Mel Jon Engagement 110 Mel Jon Engagement 111 Mel Jon Engagement 113 Mel Jon Engagement 114 Mel Jon Engagement 115 Mel Jon Engagement 117 Mel Jon Engagement 118 Mel Jon Engagement 120

 Photo Credits: Liang, Simon and Little Pixel Box

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