Zara Blouse, Skirt and Clutch / Diva Earrings / Celine Sunglasses

The most bizarre thing happened when I walked into Zara the other day. You may remember I bought this Zara feather skirt back in June. The top I am wearing is a current season top which was purchased in recent weeks. When I walked into the store, I immediately saw mannequins at the front of the store wearing the exact same outfit which I had on a few days earlier! I was in total shock! I don’t know if I should take it as a compliment that whoever styled the mannequins had the same taste as me which is some what reassuring. Either way I am glad that I didn’t wear this outfit while shopping at Zara. Is it just me or does anyone try and avoid going into a particular shop if you happen to be wearing that brand?

Photos by Rob Tran


    • Thanks Estee! I love this Zara top! I was so happy I found it! Let me know when you post an outfit photo wearing the Portman top, can’t wait to check it out! Mel xx

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