Perfect White Tee

perfect white tee The Tia Fox

CREW NECK: 1. 6397 2. Stateside 3. LNA 4. Splendid
V-NECK: 1. Splendid 2. Acne Studio 3. Wilt 4. Monrow
BOYFRIEND: 1. Wilt 2. Wilt 3. Three Dots 4. Enza Costa

I’m starting a new series to share my wardrobe staples. My first must have item is the perfect white tee.

It is a very simple basic which can sometimes be overlooked. I admit up until a few years ago, I never even owned a white tee. That is until I realised how versatile it is, it’s now one of my favourite items to mix and match! Not to mention how effortless it is to throw on when you are in a dash.

My favourite way to wear my white tee is paired with a tailored blazer and ripped jeans for that off duty look. Alternatively, it’s great with shorts or skirt for a more relaxed look.

With any wardrobe staples, it is important to find the right fit and cut that suits your body shape and style.

Here are my top 3 styles to look out for when you are searching for that perfect white tee:

  • Crew Neck: My most favourite out of the 3 styles! It looks great with blazers!

        1. 6397 2. Stateside 3. LNA 4. Splendid

  • V-Neck: This style is great for showing off your décolletage area. V-necks are a great way to elongate your neck.

        1. Splendid 2. Acne Studio 3. Wilt 4. Monrow

  • Boyfriend: This style is more oversized. Make sure you check the sizing to give you that perfect amount of looseness!

        1. Wilt 2. Wilt 3. Three Dots 4. Enza Costa

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