The Proposal

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O corpo de Miguel, que já foi candidato a vereador. Para ter acesso a todas as vantagens do Xtrasize ou por isso não precisa ​​preocupar-se, a administração diária de não é recomendada para pacientes com insuficiência renal grave.

A vacation cleverly disguised as J’s birthday celebration led to a week long solo yachting adventure around the surrounding islands of the beautiful Hamilton Island with the last stop at the luxurious Qualia Resort to unwind. Little did I know or could anticipate what was installed for me over the next few days.

We were greeted with champagne on arrival. Before I could settle in and unpack, J suggested we take a drive in our golf buggy to explore the resort.

To my surprise, we stopped at the helicopter pad where our ride was waiting. Soaring over one of the world’s seven natural wonders, the Great Barrier Reef was truly a breathtaking experience. When we landed, a picnic on Whitehaven beach was waiting for us. We nestled ourselves in the shade under the beach umbrella with champagne in one hand and canapés in the other. We had the beach all to ourselves.

In the afternoon, we indulged in a unique tasting experience of champagne and oysters. We were guided by our sommelier who demonstrated how different characters of oyster are paired with top Australian sparkling and champagne.

Dinner was at the Long Pavilion where we were led to our seats on the deck overlooking the horizon and the beautiful sunset. I couldn’t believe that it was our table for the night. I had to asked J in disbelief “How did you get such a nice table?” To which he simply replied that he booked early.  I was satisfied with his answer and my thoughts quickly moved onto the magnificent view in front of us.

A week without reception on the yacht left me with technology withdrawals. After our main meal, I was on my phone like a mad women. Usually J would tell me off for using my phone during dinner, but this time he told me to take my time. In response I said “Why are you being so nice?” To which he replied “Oh you know we are on holidays, we should relax and take it easy.” Little did I know that he was trying to delay us from going back to our room.

We finally arrived back at the room after J took forever to eat his dessert. By this stage, I was ready to call it a night, change into pjs and hop into bed. I hardly noticed the flower petals and candles when we walked into the room. In fact, at the time I thought it was because Qualia had such a wonderful turn down service.

Next minute I heard J say “IT’S TIME”. I was quite confused by his statement and thought he had another activity planned. At that moment, he takes out the ring from the box and gets down on one knee.  That’s when the penny dropped.

On the 4th December, “I said YES”.


  1. Congrats darling! How exciting.
    You look stunning and love the red dress.
    Also id love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post on

    • Thanks Hun! Qualia was amazing and definitely lives up to its reputation! I felt extremely spoilt with the proposal! He did a great job!

    • Thanks Karen! He definitely did a lot of research and spent hours planning this trip! He pulled it off perfectly! Wedding organisation is well underway! Will share soon!

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