What to Wear For the Holidays

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Virgos Lounge Greta Dress

It’s amazing how fast this year has flown by, we are only a few days away from December! With the festive season in sight, I couldn’t be more excited! It is one of the happiest times of the year in my book. My social calendar is filling up fast!

Weddings, office parties, festive get togethers and last minute invites, with so many events it can get pretty hectic. Hectic enough that some of us can all but forget to plan what we are wearing. This leaves us vulnerable to sweaty mad dashes to the shops hours before an event.

This year I decided to save myself all the holiday hassle and start narrowing down my list of party perfect dresses. This will really take the stress out of the day and leave more time to enjoy celebrating with family and friends.

One of my favourite go-to holiday looks is sequins dresses. The sparkle is celebratory while the shine is attention grabbing. With any outfit, the goal is to showcase our best assets. The same goes for sequins dresses. Since sequins sparkle and shine, they attract the eye. If you are self-conscious about a particular body part – midsection, hips, arms then go for a dress design that features sequins elsewhere. Keep accessories simple and let the dress make the statement.

Here I share my favourite sequins dresses for the holidays.

what to wear for the holidays The Tia Fox

1. Virgos Lounge Honor Dress 2. Parker Petra Dress
3. Saylor Naomi Dress 4. Parker Phillipa Dress
5. Virgos Lounge Vilma Dress 6. ASOS Cowl Back Dress
7. Virgos Lounge Flavia Dress 8. ASOS Flora Embellished Dress



  1. Hi Tia!

    I ordered this dress for my prom, and I was wondering from where you got the shoes, they’re lovely with the dress! 🙂



    • Hi Jules, the dress will be stunning for the prom! My heels are from Tony Bianco. I bought them a while ago so don’t think they are still available. The design is quite simple ankle strap heels, I think you could find something similar from other designers. Mel xx

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