#BabyFox Baby Shower

Last weekend I had #BabyFox’s Baby Shower. This is our first baby so I wanted to do something very special. I invited all my girlfriends for an afternoon of fun and games.

My Baby Shower was styled by the talented @ohferi_eventstyling! She did any absolutely amazing job with the dessert table. I couldn’t be happier!

I decided to get a custom wallpaper printed for this event from @pickawall! Psst… I will let you in on a secret, behind the wallpaper is actually a mirror. I was able to design my own print and writing. It was such a easy and fast process. The best thing is, this wallpaper is reusable, whether it’s stuck onto a mirror or wall!

I was set on having a balloon garland for my Baby Shower. These balloons are styled by @belleballoons! I am so happy with how they turned out! Can you tell I’m just a little obsessed with this adorable unicorn balloon?!

A Baby Shower is not complete without a cake to celebrate! This one is from @cookiesandcrumbsmelbourne. And how adorable are these customised cookies also from @cookiesandcrumbsmelbourne. I love how you can have any writing printed on them and choose the shape of the cookies.

Instead of fresh flowers that last only a few days, I decided to try flowers from @fleurduluxe. These flowers last ONE YEAR without watering! This seriously blew my mind! I’m excited that I get to enjoy these beauties for a while longer!

These donut and chocolate dipped strawberry towers from @chocolateno5_ was a huge hit! It’s definitely as delicious as it looks!

Thank you to all my gorgeous friends who came to celebrate this special occasion with me and thank you for indulging me and coming dressed in all white! Baby Fox was very spoilt with so many gifts, I can’t wait to dress her up in them! Also thanks to those mummies who have shared so many tips with me, it’s so nice to go through this journey with you all (because it can be daunting to be a first time mummy)!

A special thank you to my two best friends, Fee and Teresa for helping me organise #BabyFox’s Baby Shower. I seriously couldn’t have pulled it off without these two! From sending out invites to running errands to hosting baby shower games, they are the BEST best friends that any girl can ask for!

Of course, I have to thank my baby daddy and best hubby in the world for always being there for me and taking these amazing photos on the day!

Suppliers’ List:

Event styling: @ohferi_eventstyling
Balloons: @belleballoons /www.belleballoons.com.au
Flowers: @fleurduluxewww.fleurduluxe.com.au
Custom wallpaper: @pickawallwww.pickawall.com.au
Cake, cookies, cupcakes: @cookiesandcrumbsmelbournewww.cookiesandcrumbsmelbourne.com.au
Donut & chocolate dipped strawberry towers: @chocolateno5_

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