Bali Mini-Moon Part 1| Rimba Jimbaran Resort

Rimba Jimbaran Bali 101

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The Dancing Jewels Lace Dress  and Pearl Earrings
(use discount code: MELANIExTDJ for 10% off)

April has been an very exciting and special month for me. It was the month I said I DO! After all the wedding euphoria, my husband (I’m still getting use to calling him that) and I decided we couldn’t wait for our honeymoon later on in the year, we needed a holiday ASAP!

We always have a great time in Bali so we thought why not go to Bali for our mini moon. Last time we visited, we stayed at InterContinental. This time we decided to stay at Rimba Jimbaran. It is the little sister to the more well known Ayana Resort, home to the famous Rock Bar. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Rimba. Being a Rimba guest, we also had access via resort shuttle and were able to enjoy all the facilities at Ayana Resort as well. The resorts had everything we needed from 11 pools, spas, exclusive private beach access and 15 restaurants and bars. We never even set foot outside the resort once we arrived!

One of my favourite outfits that I bought with me was from The Dancing Jewels (use discount code: MELANIExTDJ for 10% off). It was the beautiful sheer lace dress. It was ultra feminine and the perfect shade of yellow! I love wearing a pop of colour when I’m on holidays, it always brings on a cheerful mood!

Stayed tuned for photos from Ayana Resort coming soon on the blog!


    • Thanks Valerie!! This is my third time to Bali in a year!! We just keep on going back!! It’s a beautiful place!

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