One of my friends is going bungee jumping this weekend and it just bought back memories of my trip to Queenstown, New Zealand last year where my aim was to do as much extreme sports as possible. One of my mottos is to try everything at least ONCE! I had the preconception that New Zealand will be very similar to Australia except with more sheeps and less people. I thought this will be my one and only trip to New Zealand and I probably will not return again. From the moment I saw Queenstown from the aeroplane, the views were absolutely breathtaking. We were greeted by mountains, valleys…it was so beautiful. Our accommodation overlooked Lake Wakatipu. I loved waking up every morning to such peaceful surroundings.

On our second day, we started our thrilling adventures. First up we took a helicopter ride to the whitewater rafting location. We had such a good instructor that we were one of the only rafts that did flip over. Next up was jetboating. We were going so fast it was hard to keep my eyes open! I was anxious over lunch because I knew what was coming up. BUNGEE JUMPING at 134m above the Nevis River. It is New Zealand’s highest bungee jump. Before I knew it, I was strapped in waiting for my turn to jump. The girl who jumped before me came up crying which made me even more terrified. It took every bit of courage inside of me to make the jump! It really was a leap of faith! The fall was only 8.5 seconds but it was the scariest yet most thrilling 8.5 seconds of my life! I think that is definitely one of the craziest things I have ever done!

If that is not enough enough thrills, the next day I went sky diving 15,000 feet up! At least this was in tandem and I will be strapped to an experienced Jumpmaster. I loved every second of sky diving! The spectacular scenery just made the experience even more surreal! If anyone wants to do bungee jumping or sky diving, I highly recommend doing it in Queenstown. This was one of my most memorable holidays and after such a wonderful experience, I take back my words previously because I will definitely go back to New Zealand!

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  1. This is such an adventurous post! It looks so much fun! Would be great if you could do a winter wear post for us. I can never find anything nice to wear on holidays during winter or to the snow. I don’t know if anyone else does it but I pack ugly things when I travel, things I don’t even wear at home. Like when I go overseas, it’s alright for me to tie things around my waist. I always overcompensate and I’d pack everything that I own…

    • Hi Alannah! Funny you asked this because Elle and I were just discussing the other day to do a couple of posts on what to pack for Winter or Summer holidays. I have always found it hard to pick what to pack and what to leave behind…effectively I know whatever I pack I will need to live on it for a few weeks while on holidays. Also it’s difficult to strike the right balance between packing too much and too little. Definitely will have a post coming up on this. Great suggestion! Mel xx

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