Easy Tips to Style Your Sideboard

Sideboards add instant storage and style! We decided that more storage is needed in our home so we added this new Harmony sideboard by RJ Living from their new RJ Living Collection. This collection features modern lines, solid wood and superb craftsmanship. It’s crafted from European Oak which will be durable and timeless. These solid oak structures are built to last and the design will endure transient trends.

I love that it comes with 3 drawers and cupboard space with shelving for easy storage and organisation.

Now that the sideboard is sitting nicely in our home, onto the most exciting part, styling a killer sideboard! Here I have come up with a few easy sideboard styling ideas and easy ways to get it right!


A long sideboard has quite a lengthy surface for you to fill. The easiest way is to break the sideboard up into three sections. Create three distinct focal points along the top of the sideboard, but ensure the items in these three sections compliment another stylistically.

If you have a smaller sideboard, two sections will work!


Create interest by pushing some items back and moving some forward. Don’t have all the items in a row. It will feel less forced.

Art can make or break your sideboard style. For example, have your artwork sitting behind with objects sitting slightly in front of it. In terms of the size of the artwork, it could be one or more pieces. I’ve always used the rule, that the length of artwork is approximately equal to 70% of the sideboard width.


Not only should you think about what’s on top of your sideboard, but also around your sideboard. When it comes to the best sideboard styling,  think about what are the three things going on around it? This will help the sideboard to feel a part of the room, instead of just a stand alone object and with no context.

Firstly, something above the sideboard such as a pendant light or hanging plant. Secondly, something hanging off the sideboard such as a plant cascading off the side. Lastly, something beneath the sideboard or just to the side of it such as a pot plant or a rug.


Cluster like items together to create the 3 focal points, For example, it could be a trio of candles, or a tray with indoor plants or a stack of books by the table lamp.


The size of the objects you choose is important when it comes to sideboard styling. Try and avoid a lot of smaller objects. It can make the sideboard feel cluttered and incohesive.

If you have smaller objects, trays are your friend. Cluster them together on a tray, so that the tray becomes one distinct focal point on its own.


Make it a place to showcase your personality and favourite things. Instead of hiding your clutter away, take some key pieces and put them together to make a themed arrangement.


I’d love to hear if you have any sideboard styling ideas to share that you’ve mastered! Drop a comment below and let me know.

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