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Outfit 1: Angel Biba Playsuit
Outfit 2: Maje Top (similar here and here) / Zara Skirt (similar here and here)
Outfit 3: Triangl Bikini

This is our first visit to Bali and after many hours of research and countless recommendations we decided to stay at the InterContinental Bali Resort.

We couldn’t have made a better choice! The resort is situated right in the heart of Jimbaran Bay, right alongside the bay’s white sandy beach.

Balinese architecture is at the forefront of the beautiful designed resort; spruced up with a modern twist. Our room was also decorated with Balinese furniture and ornaments. There was more than enough space for two and importantly our room was very clean.

We thoroughly enjoyed strolling around the resort and admiring the beautiful native flora and perfectly groomed gardens which framed tranquil lagoons and fountains. The water features and Balinese art seamlessly interlink throughout the resort creating an amazingly picturesque scene. We were truly amazed at the ground staff’s attention to detail to maintain such a pristine appearance!

There are six decent sized pools scattered throughout the resort with plentiful accommodating staff attending the many day beds scattered all the way from the hotel pools to the beach. Make sure you try the hotels ultra refreshing signature guava juice “Seabreeze cocktail” (that’s our favourite) while catching some rays!

The resort is also perfect for young families and has a dedicated child-care facility to entertain the young ones or you can enjoy some quality family time by one of the pools or on the beach.

The expanse of the sprawling estate also makes it perfect for couples to find their own nice quiet spot to relax and recharge. In a place like this you can’t help but feel relaxed and happy.

We’ll most definitely be back again!


  1. Omg love the bikini! And you look so fit in it, what do you do to stay in such great shape? I just love the way it sits on your body! I wish I had your body!

    P.S. what camera and lens do you use?

    • Thank you! I can’t say I do a lot of exercise and/or diet because I don’t. It really comes down to my metabolism.

      I use the Canon 6D body and the lens is from Sigma 24-70mm f2.8.

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