New Accessories


1 Alexis Bittar bracelet ring 2 Alexis Bittar bracelet ring 3 Alexis Bittar earrings 4 Alexis Bittar bracelet 5 Alexis Bittar bracelet 6 Alexis Bittar necklace 7 Chie Mihara Yves sandals 8 Chie Mihara Yves sandals 9 Coach wristlet

Photo 1 & 2: Alexis Bittar Cuff and Ring
3: Alexis Bittar Earrings
4 & 5: Alexis Bittar Cuff / Jacquie Aiche Ring
6: Alexis Bittar Necklace
7 & 8: Chie Mihara Sandals
9: Cat Ear Beanie / Coach Wristlet

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I have been on the hunt for more gold jewellery to add to my collection – a girl can never have too many accessories! In New York, I went a bit crazy at Alexis Bittar. I was so excited to visit their boutique in Soho. My eyes lit up at the range of jewels they had on display. I literally tried on half of the store! I ended up taking home 4 pieces. There was one more that I wanted which is the New Wave Overlapped ring which I saw the sales assistants wearing. However, it was sold out completely! I gave up hope of finding it after arriving back in Melbourne.

Randomly the other day I saw Shopbop had re-stocked the ring! I snapped it up instantly! If you want a everyday ring that is unique in design and has that extra bit of sparkle I highly recommend this ring!


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