Celine Luggage Bag


Celine Luggage BagCeline Luggage BagCeline Luggage BagCeline Luggage BagCeline Luggage BagCeline Luggage Bag

The Celine luggage bag has been highly coveted by countless celebrities and fashionistas since its creation. It comes in various sizes – nano, micro, mini, medium and shoulder. The mini size is the standard size that most people recognise.

I had three bags in mind when I went into the Celine boutique on Madison Avenue – trapeze, luggage and trio. I first tried on the Trio, the bag was simple and clean just the way I like my bags. I had already bought the Proenza Schouler PS11 mini bag and to me these two bags were too similar in size.

Then I moved onto trying on the Trapeze. To my surprise, the bag was extremely heavy. I couldn’t imagine carrying it on a daily basis given how heavy it was with nothing inside. It was also quite wide and bulky which didn’t fit with what I was looking for.

Last but not least I tried on the Luggage and to my delight it was much lighter than the Trapeze. I knew I wanted the Luggage in micro (26cm x 26cm x 14cm). I wanted an everyday tote bag for work that would still be relatively small and this bag fit the bill perfectly.

Choosing colours also proved to be most difficult. It was a choice between a single colour or tri-colour. In the end I went for the uniqueness of the tri-colour bag. I am very much in love with the colour scheme I chose. It is easy to match with all my clothing and the perfect size for work!


  1. Hi MEL and ELL, i just wanna ask where did you buy this Celine bag from? i really want a nano celine but they do not have the actual store in Sydney. David Jones has a few but all old version.
    Thanks much 🙂

    • Hi Mimi, I bought this Celine bag while I was in New York, from the boutique on Madison Avenue. As you mentioned, unfortunately there are not much of a selection in Australia. Good luck finding it! Mel xx

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