I have many pairs of sunglasses from oversized to aviators. If I was going to add another pair to my collection I wanted something different so I decided to venture out into bolder territories. I have been contemplating these cat eye House of Harlow 1960 Chelsea sunglasses for a long time. Of course, I considered many other brands but I couldn’t move past the Chelsea sunglasses. I love how the sunglasses provide a contemporary look with a 1960’s vintage flair.

I ordered these mid last year and expected my ordered to be delivered within a couple of weeks. However, for some reason the online store I ordered from did not deliver my sunglasses for HALF A YEAR. I followed up with them and they told me to fill out a non-receipt form. It was such a process. that I almost gave up hope of ever receiving them. One day it miraculously showed up at my door step. Though I was not happy about the long wait, I am glad I now have them in my collection.


  1. Between this pair and the Celine Audrey (which also looks amazing in you!) which would you recommend more? I am looking to buy a new black oversize sunglasses but feel a bit torn now that these also look so good on you! Lol.

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