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When I travel to Europe and the USA, the first store I generally visit is Sephora! I would go to Sephora several times during my holiday to stock up on as much makeup as my suitcase can fit! I’m so glad that Sephora is in Australia now and I can easily purchase products online from Sephora Australia.

Sephora Nudestix The Tia Fox 106 Sephora Nudestix The Tia Fox 101
One of my recent discoveries from Sephora is NUDESTIX. It is an easy-to-use makeup crayons that will you give a fresh-faced, nude look. Yes crayons!

Doing makeup should be easy, fast and above all fun! You literally can smudge on the product for that perfect look in an instant. Each multi-purpose NUDESTIX is loaded with just enough colour to get the job done and leave you glowing. When it comes to makeup, a little definitely goes a long way.

As a blogger, I have many night time events and I don’t always get the opportunity to go home and re-apply all over face makeup. Usually I have to carry bulky makeup compacts for touchups. Now with these NUDESTIX, I only need to carry crayons in my clutch! Now you know my secret to staying fresh faced all day!

Sephora Nudestix The Tia Fox 102 Sephora Nudestix The Tia Fox 103
I am obsessed with the Magnetic Eye Colour Pencils. These are creamy eye pencils that double as spotlights for the face’s high points, including the cheekbones, tear ducts and brow arches. They blend beautifully and can be layered easily. Once they dry, they stay put all day long. Usually with powder eyeshadows, I get fall outs throughout the day all over my face but not with these! Not a speck! These Magnetic Eye Colour Pencils come in 8 shades, I have the shades Gilt (gold) and Immortal (bronze).

Sephora Nudestix The Tia Fox 107 Sephora Nudestix The Tia Fox 108
The Lip + Cheek Pencils is also a very handy product. You never have to worry about matching your cheek colour with your lip colour. For the lips, I simply line and fill them in. It has a good colour pay off with a hint of shine. For cheeks, I find drawing small lines up my cheek bones and blending them gives a good result. It leaves your cheeks with a natural-looking glow. You will not the same shine as you do on your lips in comparison as you are using the crayon less intensely. This product comes in 8 shades. I have the shades Whisper and Mystic.

Sephora Nudestix The Tia Fox 104 Sephora Nudestix The Tia Fox 105
Lastly there’s the Eyebrow Stylus Pencil & Gel which comes in 4 shades. It is a waterproof brow pencil that goes on easily and adds colour while still being subtle. Depending on your preference, it allows you to have natural looking brows or big and bold brows as the product is buildable. The gel holds the brow hairs in place but is not too hard when it dries.

Sephora Nudestix The Tia Fox 109 Sephora Nudestix The Tia Fox 110


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