Shiseido’s New WASO Skincare Inspired by Food!

Most of us know that what we eat affects our skin – what we put in our body can manifest outwardly. That said, Shiseido’s new WASO Skincare range is inspired by FOOD – yes you heard correctly! Specifically by Washoku, which is a traditional Japanese cuisine. Japanese being one of my favourite cuisines, I just had to try this new collection.

Whilst it is not entirely novel ideal of brands taking inspiration from food or bakery-inspired scents that fill the shelves and store as soon as you walk in, this range is something entirely different.

The ingredients rely on the whole plant cells of Japanese food and botanicals and promote healthy skin. It is designed to address specific needs of us millennials, including but not limited to dry or oily skin and visible pores.

I love the minimalist packaging. It is perfect for our on-the-go lifestyle. Whether it’s travelling, gym or beach, the packaging is lightweight and practical; not prone to breakage.

Quick Gentle Cleanser is a honey-gel that foams without water, removing dirt, makeup and more. A good, non-drying, all-in-one face cleanser. If you wear makeup like me, I would suggest using a make-up remover first before using the cleanser.

Soft + Cushy Polisher is an exfoliator that cleans pores and reduces blemishes, all the whole formulated with soybean curd.The exfoliant goes on feeling all plush and pillowy, while its gentle silica scrubbers lift off dull, dead skin cells. This one is one of my personal favourites from this range. WASO suggests using this no more than twice a week, so I use this every Sunday as part of my weekly skincare regime.

Fresh Jelly Lotion is a gel-to-liquid lotion that plumps and hydrates skin. It’s foodie ingredient is the white jelly mushroom. You can use this exactly like a hydrating serum, right after cleansing, as a base layer under your night cream or SPF day location or foundation.

Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream softens, hydrates and plumps for 24 hours, so it goes the distance while reducing the look of pores. It is created with carrots. This totally-clear, silky-soft gel practically melts onto skin.

Quick Matte Moisturiser Oil-Free smooths, mattifies and quenches dry skin for a full 24-hours. It’s foodie ingredients is loquat leaf. This lightweight lotion gives you a splash of moisture, with absolutely zero stickiness, greasiness ore residue. Plus it keeps your t-zone from reflecting weight beams for a couple hours afterward.

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Photography by Shellie from Iron Chef Shellie

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