Top 10 Summer Vacation Dresses

With the Winter upon the Southern Hemisphere, it’s time to pack our suitcases and head for warmer destinations! My biggest dilemma before any vacation is what to pack?

General packing tips:

Understand the cultural norms of the place. This will impact what clothes to pack. For example, some countries women wearing shorts and singlets can be considered socially unacceptable! Do your research ahead of time and pack accordingly.

Know your luggage limit. There’s nothing worse than getting to the airport and paying for extra luggage or desperately trying to repack your suitcases!

Pack some extra clothes in your carry on luggage. Lost luggage can happen to anyone! If your luggage is lost, you will have a few more pieces to tie you over until your luggage can be found.

Leave extra room in your luggage for purchases. Whether it’s souvenirs, gifts for loved ones or a naughty splurge for oneself, that extra luggage space will come in handy! If you end up on a shopping spree and not enough suitcase space, buy another suitcase! The worst is to come home regretting not buying an item because of luggage space!


The Tia Fox Self Portrait Shopbop 103 The Tia Fox Self Portrait Shopbop 104 The Tia Fox Self Portrait Shopbop 102

Wearing Self Portrait Dress

My favourite fail-proof item to pack is dresses and lots of it on a Summer vacation! Why? They are an entire outfit in one easy-to-pack piece! I literally just throw one on, add a pair of sandals and a few accessories and out the door.

Here are my top 10 picks this Summer:

The Tia Fox Shopbop 1111. The Jetset Diaries 2. SUNDRESS

The Tia Fox Shopbop 112_edited-11. re:named 2. ONE by

The Tia Fox Shopbop 113

1. English Factory 2. Free People

The Tia Fox Shopbop 114_edited-1

1. Capulet 2. cupcakes and cashmere

The Tia Fox Shopbop 115_edited-1

1. English Factory 2. MLM Label

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