Uncovering Local Melbourne Hidden Gems

No doubt about it, discovering other cities is an unbeatable experience – but a stressful one at that (travelling hours before reaching your destination, packing and unpacking or dealing with airport security).

So why leave for another place, when there’s so much yet to be discovered in your own town? Because staying at home doesn’t mean you’re not going to have a good time. I set out to explore my hometown Melbourne and uncovered some local gems.

Where are these gems you ask? Well, Hawksburn Village (along Malvern Road) and East Malvern precinct. Here are my favourite boutique retailers and local favourite brunch spots.

Favourite Fashion Retailers

City of Stonnington 102


Grace uncovers and sources beautiful, exclusive pieces from around the world, originating mainly from New York, Paris, London and Milan. Their selection of runway, pret-a-porter and accessory collections, together with array of lifestyle pieces is highly covetable and chic. Grace is definitely a fashion mecca and destination for lovers of style!

Address: 595 Malvern Road, Toorak, 3142, VIC
Telephone: (03) 9827 2133
Website: http://www.gracemelbourne.com.au
Instagram: @gracemelbourne

City of Stonnington 302

Nicola Waite

Nicola showcases cutting edge fashion using exquisite fabrics, innovative styling and polish finishes for the modern women. Nicola’s personal love of the contemporary Japanese and Belgian design aesthetic – whether it be architecture, interiors, or fashion – has had a clear influence on her design process. Be sure to pop into store and check out her latest collection!

Address: 576 Malvern Road, Prahran, 3181, VIC
Telephone: (03) 9529 8743
Website: http://www.nicolawaite.com

City of Stonnington 301

Trelise Cooper

The Trelise Cooper designs have always captured the romantic and the feminine with luxurious fabrics, dynamic colours, delicate touches of lace and sparkling embellishments. Don’t miss out on Trelise Cooper’s Spring 2017 collection. A collection that is all dressed up wth everywhere to go. Spring 2017 presents a new take on occasion dressing. Whether your mood is modern monochrome, or entire bouquets of blooms, this collection is perfect for Spring Racing Carnival!

Address: 580 Malvern Road, Prahran, 3181, VIC
Telephone: (03) 9521 2411
Website: http://www.trelisecooper.com
Instagram: @trelisecooper


Flannel designer Kristy Lawrence found growing up on the beaches of Western Australian instilled an early appreciation for simply luxury, comfort and natural beauty, which is reflected in her choice of fabrics, materials and in her desire to create a lifestyle range that is as relaxed and effortless as it is beautiful. If you are looking for a curated mix of loose-fit shirting, gauzy knits and easy feminine dresses with romantic, understated, embellished detailing in silks and cotton, then this is the boutique for you!

Address: 574 Malvern Road, Prahran, 3181, VIC
Telephone: (03) 9621 7471
Website: https://www.flannel.com.au
Instagram: @flannel_au

City of Stonnington 502

Jac + Jack

Jac + Jacket creates effortless clothing and accessories for men and women. The overarching style of the clothing is modern with a considered simplicity, with pieces that will work effortlessly with your exisiting wardrobe. For all your wardrobe essential needs, this is definitely the place to check out!

Address: 586 Malvern Road, Prahran, 3181, VIC
Telephone: (03) 9972 7676
Website: https://jacandjack.com
Instagram: @jacandjack

City of Stonnington 101 City of Stonnington 103

Top Food and Coffee Spots


Take a peek inside Hobba, it is an unassuming garage with voluminous natural light from immense shopfront windows that open to the street. Hobba caters to all types; families, friends and business folk alike. The breakfast menu includes all the breakfast favourites from smashed avocado and feta on toast to ricotta-filled hotcakes with seasonal berries and honeycomb. There’s Five Senses coffee to top it off!

Address: 428 Malvern Road, Prahran, 3181, VIC
Telephone: (03) 9510 8336
Website: http://www.hobba.com.au
Instagram: @hobbaprahran

Hobba Cafe The Tia Fox City of Stonnington 101 Hobba Cafe The Tia Fox City of Stonnington 102

Hotcakes and Avocado on Toast from Hobba


Mammoth is by hospitality power couple Loren and Jamie McBride, who are also behind Touchwood, Barry and Pillar of Salt. The menu takes cafe classics and steers them in intriguing directions: wagon wheel hotcake with coconut gelato, doughnut burger with chicken katsu, green mango and papaya slaw and there’s eggplant toast. This creativity and presentation of the dishes makes this cafe nothing short of instagrammable!

Address: 736 Malvern Road, Armadale, 3143, VIC
Telephone: (03) 9824 5239
Website: http://www.eatmammoth.com
Instagram: @eatmammoth

City of Stonnington 202

Thread Cafe

From what I hear, Thread is a neighbourhood favourite. On the menu you’ll find an array of Australian favourites, from breakfast dishes to sandwiches, salads and other cafe classics, served up in a charming setting. Start your day off with some Mexican crunchy eggs or avocado and feta smash.

Address: 1373 Malvern Road, Malvern, 3144, VIC
Telephone: (03) 9822 8668
Website: http://www.threadcafe.com.au

Bizzarri Dolci

Bizzarri Dolci specialises in the creation of gourmet biscuits and baked sweets. Bizarre Dolci’s philosophy is simple – create handmade biscuits and other baked delights with natural and fresh ingredients so they taste like they should. Time to stock up on biscuits!

Address: 1395 Malvern Road, Malvern, 3144, VIC
Telephone: (03) 9822 5583
Website: http://www.bizzarridolci.com.au
Instagram: @bizzarridolci

Where is Henry?

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of weekend brunch, this is the spot of haven for you. The food is created from fresh and locally sourced ingredients and it is served up in a relaxed, retro-style atmosphere. The menu, like the cafe itself, offers a fusion between the old and the new. There is a range of brunt options, as well as some modern twists on classic sandwiches and salads.

Address: 1415 Malvern Road, Malvern, 3144, VIC
Telephone: (03) 9822 1169
Website: http://www.whereishenry.com.au/


Milton Wine Shop

Milton brings to use a cosy bar with quality wine and indulgent cheese boards. They stock a wide selection of old and new world wines including red, white, pink and orange offerings, with low intervention and natural wines sitting alongside some of the great classics. The friendly and inviting atmosphere firmly establishes Milton as a true local. In addition to the main bar area, there is also a spacious courtyard and a private living room-style space, perfect for a night out with friends or a cosy date.

Address: 1427 Malvern Road, Malvern, 3144, VIC
Telephone: (03) 9824 5337
Website: http://www.miltonwine.com
Instagram: @miltonwine

City of Stonnington 201


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