Youthful Radiant Skin with L’Occitane

When it comes to my daily skincare routine, my main focus is on finding products that are anti-aging that will help to maintain my skin’s youth and natural radiance. Don’t wait until after you notice your skin is ageing; preventative is always better than cure. Start looking after your skin while you are young. I have had various skincare routines since at a young age. Recently, I discovered and have been loving the Immortelle Divine Collection from L’Occitane. Immortelle is known as the everlasting flower: it never fades, even after it has been picked. Its organic essential oil is rich in active molecules with unique anti-aging properties. My current skincare routine has included a mix of their creams, serums and lotions that I find adds the perfect amount of hydration to my skin while also smoothing the skin and improving complexion.

Immortelle Divine Lotion (face toner) is a rich softening lotion with a subtle, aromatic scent of fresh Immortelle flowers that helps to maintain my skin’s balance leaving it feeling supple and smooth.  It prepares my skin to absorb better the rest of the products in my skincare routine.

How to apply? Apply to clean, dry skin with a cotton pad or with the finger tips, patting lightly, working up to the forehead. Use morning and evening, before the Divine Extract and Divine Cream.

Immortelle Divine Extract is a serum with a fresh and velvety gel-cream texture that goes on smoothly. It contains exceptionally high concentration of active ingredients that helps to retain definition to my facial contours and leaves my skin feeling firm. It absorbs into my skin incredibly well and with regular use my skin glows.

How to apply? Apply morning and evening on face and neck, apply before Divine Cream. Use two pumps of the serum and apply with light sweeping motions from the centre of the face to outwards. Be sure to include the neck. Stimulate circulation with small, quick pinching motions.

Immortelle Divine Cream is a lightweight, cream moisturiser which has become my daily go to for many months now. The texture is smooth with a natural light scent. Each jar contains Immortelle flowers and the new formulation of 7 naturally derived active ingredients that gives my skin a natural youthful glow. The cream is an anti-aging formula and designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and uneven skin tones. It intensely nourishes the skin, leaving skin feeling smooth and glowing. I have normal to combination skin and can be sensitive at time. This one is just perfect as it does not irritate my skin. It absorbs quickly and keeps my skin hydrated all day long. It works extremely well under a wide range of foundations.

How to apply? Sooth the skin by performing gentle, sweeping strokes with the flat of your hand. Massage the neck with upward strokes, then the face and forehead, working outwards from the middle.

Immortelle Divine Eyes is a fresh, silky gel-cream specially formulated for the fragile eye area. It helps to smooth, firm and brighten my eye area. I look less tired and more refreshed with a luminous glow after using this eye cream. Especially if I wake up with visible puffiness and dark circles, I always find myself reaching for this.

How to apply? Apply morning and evening. Use one pump and gently pat around the eye area. Then smooth from the inner corner of the eye outwards.

Order and disorder. The rule of thumb to working out which product to apply first is apply your skincare from lightest product to heaviest, that way the heavier products can penetrate through the lighter ones to be properly absorbed.

What’s your current skincare routine? As always I’d love to hear about what you’re loving and testing out right now!

This post was sponsored by L’Occitane, but as always, all opinions are my own and based on my personal experience.


  1. Hi Mel! For those who are time poor or just want something quick and effective, can we get away with just applying the immortal divine creme?

  2. What an inspiring review of the new L’Occitane Collection!
    I have walked by their store so many times, curious about this new range.
    The new routine seems so simple and easy to use, combined with just the right amount of active ingredients – which is exactly what my skin needs.
    Here is to prevention as the new cure! xoxo

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