Unveiling MLBB Academy League Malaysia: A Gateway for Rising Stars

Unveiling MLBB Academy League Malaysia: A Gateway for Rising Stars

Hey there, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) fans! Big news in the gaming world – MOONTON Games, the genius minds behind MLBB, just dropped a bombshell. They’re introducing the MLBB Academy League Malaysia (MAL MY), and it’s all about fostering new talents and taking the MLBB scene in Malaysia to greater heights. Let’s break it down!

MLBB Academy League Malaysia: A Game-Changing Initiative

MOONTON is all in for growing the MLBB grassroots scene in Malaysia. They’ve teamed up with IO Esports, a Malaysia-based organizer with a stellar track record in various esports like MLBB, VALORANT, and Dota 2. Together, they’re making waves with MAL MY, a tier 2 league that’s set to shake things up.

MAL MY: Elevating the Game

So, what’s this MLBB Academy League all about? Well, it’s like a training ground for future MLBB legends. If you’re eyeing the big leagues, MAL MY is the place to be. As mentioned in the 2024 MLBB esports roadmap, IO Esports will be steering the ship, organizing tournaments, and making sure things run smoothly.

Connecting the Dots: Promotion and Relegation in MLBB Academy League Malaysia

Picture this: the MLBB Academy League and the Mobile Legends Professional Circuit (MPL) Malaysia are connected by an invisible thread. How? Through a promotion and relegation system, starting in the second half of 2024. The best teams in MAL MY get a golden ticket to MPL MY, while the not-so-lucky ones in MPL MY drop down to MAL MY. It’s like a dynamic dance where both tiers move in NIAGASLOT harmony.

Season 14 Kickoff

Exciting times lie ahead as both tier 1 (MPL MY) and tier 2 (MAL MY) leagues kick off simultaneously at the start of Season 14 of MPL Malaysia. It’s a game-changing strategy to keep the MLBB scene vibrant, competitive, and oh-so-thrilling.

A Boost for Malaysian Esports

Malaysia is a heavyweight in the MLBB esports world, but 2023 left a bitter taste with both Malaysian teams bowing out early in the M5 World Championship – a first in history. Enter the MLBB Academy League – a beacon of hope and support. It couldn’t have come at a better time, especially with Malaysia gearing up to host the prestigious M6 World Championship at the end of 2024.

Words from MOONTON for MLBB Academy League Malaysia

Fikri Rizal Mahruddin, the Head of Marketing and Business Development at MOONTON Games, shared some powerful words: “With Malaysia set to host the M6 World Championship at the end of 2024, our newly launched developmental league will play a crucial role in preparing our nation’s esports aspirants to defend our honour as the host country and nurturing Malaysia’s world champions.”

In a nutshell, the MLBB Academy League Malaysia is more than just a league – it’s a platform for dreams to take flight, for talents to shine, and for Malaysia to stand proud on the global MLBB stage. Get ready for the gaming revolution, folks!